GI Tag Kinnauri Shawl

GI Tag Kinnauri Shawl

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About Kinnauri Shawls

Known for its intricacies and finesse, Kinnauri shawls are truly a fine work of perfection. Its geometric designs are heavily influenced by the Central Asian culture and consists of motifs that usually symbolise religions and cultures. Just like Kullu shawls, the base colours are natural i.e. grey, black, brown and white and are embellished with orange, blue, green, etc. The five elements are often represented in the form of Kinnauri shawls- white represents water, yellow stand for earth, red signifies fire, green is for air and blue denotes ether. What makes these shawls more expensive than Kullu is their heavily patterned borders that are deftly handcrafted, thus increasing the labour cost. These shawls are mostly woven in 2 parts and then joined together from the centre with extensive hand-stitching. An average Kinnauri shawl can take up to 45 days to complete.


1. Kinnauri Shawl is known as Chhali in local dialect

2. Kinnauri Shawl was registered under Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 on 4 December 2008.

3.The shawls are known for their geometric designs  Hand-made with traditional weaving technique

4.Intricate geometric designs, objects of religious importance are weaved on these shawls with colours of mythological origins. The colours used have a meaning with green signifying air, blue – ether, white – water, yellow standing for earth and red for fire  Full length shawl with average size of 42”x96”

5. Dry clean only

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