Himalayan Finger Millets 500gms

Himalayan Finger Millets 500gms

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Himalayan Finger Millet is a natural wonder. Made using the finest quality ingredients and packed with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber – it is good for your heart and bones. Finger millet also contains natural calcium, which helps strengthen bones for growing children and aging people.


-Good source of calcium, iron, fiber, and amino acids, making it vital for blood and bone health, better digestion, and muscle repair.

-100% natural, Gluten-Free, Premium Taste and Quality

-Nutritious & Easily Digestible

-No artificial colors, flavours, and added sugar

-It can be a part of everyday diet in the form of rotis, puddu, porridge, and other healthy yet tasty dishes

-This is a vegetarian product.


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