Kanchenjunga’s Peaceful Embrace

Kanchenjunga's Peaceful Embrace

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60 cm (L) x 43 cm (W)
Stick Width: 61.5 cm

55 gm

Hand painting done on Canvas with Wooden Scrolls

Office, Home, Decorative, Gifting, Resorts, Hotel


Drawing inspiration from the esteemed tradition of scroll painting in the Kalimpong Hills, our canvas paintings bring the rich tapestry of Tibetan/Buddhist and Nepali cultures vividly to life, but with a contemporary twist. Painted on canvas cloth, these pieces are a modern evolution of a time-honored craft, distinguished by the same meticulous attention to detail and deep cultural resonance. Artisans, using both fabric colors and oil paints, ensure the durability and vibrancy of each artwork. This fusion of materials allows for a richer color palette and a more enduring finish, capturing the essence and spirit of traditional motifs with a freshness that speaks to today’s art lovers.

The creation process begins with the meticulous sizing of the canvas, preparing it to receive the transferred images from tracing paper, a technique that honors the precision of the original scroll paintings. This preliminary step is crucial for achieving the clarity and intricacy for which our artists are known. They expertly apply various color schemes, layering each stroke of paint and allowing adequate drying time, a method that requires patience and skill. This process is carried out with multiple paintings in progress simultaneously, transforming our workshop into a vibrant tableau of emerging stories and characters.

This canvas paintings are a celebration of diversity, portraying different ethnic groups in a manner that is both authentic and respectful. The artworks are versatile, designed not to be necessarily mounted in frames, making them easy to transport and share the beauty of these cultures far and wide.


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