Leather Decor piece

Leather Decor piece

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1. Hand-made

2.Fine leather

3.Eco-friendly dyes used

4. The ethnic leather work of Chamba is brought into making décor pieces which are genuine and good quality. The products are hand-stitched and every piece has a personal human touch of creativity and art work.

5. Beautiful décor piece, adds charm to the surroundings.

6. Multi-purpose centre piece can be used in drawing rooms, centre tables, bedrooms, etc.

7. The molding is done by hands using locally made tools. The leather is hand-stitched and assembled
together manually. The dyes are chemical free and does not irritates.

8. H 5cms Diameter 25cms

9. Clean with dry cloth

FROM :- HIM-IRA (Himachal Pradesh Rural Development Department )

Rural Livelihood Mission Himachal Pradesh aims to uplift rural women by empowering them through Self Help Groups. so Himachal Pradesh State Rural Livelihoods Mission has registered the ‘Him Ira’ brand and logo in the financial year 2019-20. All the self-help groups are now selling their products under this brand. Through this brand, good quality products were made available to people at low prices. The products manufac- tured by self-help groups from the Him Ira brand are gaining a distinct identity on a wider scale with the aims to uplift rural women by empowering them through Self Help Groups.

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