Temple Miniature (Parashar Temple , Mandi)

Temple Miniature (Parashar Temple , Mandi)

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• Traditional handicraft
• Wooden
• Assembled and made by local artisans of Himachal Pradesh
• Hand-made
• H 27cms, B12cms


Parashar Temple Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

Parashar is a region famous for its beautiful lake and the Hindu shrine in the Mandi district. Parashar Temple in Himachal Pradesh is dedicated to Rishi Parashar. He was the grandson of Rishi Vashishta, a great sage in Hindu mythology.

The exact history of the Parashar Temple is unknown, but according to folklores, it took around 18 years to complete its construction. Many also believe that the architecture belongs to the 14th century and was commissioned by Ban Sen, the king of Mandi.

This wooden temple has a pagoda-style architecture with intricate carvings of animals and serpents. As legend states, it is made of deodar wood. The region has emerged as a popular tourist destination besides a pilgrimage site. Pilgrims from India and worldwide visit this place, particularly during the annual festival held in June. You can plan your Himachal tour during this time to get a remarkable experience.

FROM :- HIM-IRA (Himachal Pradesh Rural Development Department )

Rural Livelihood Mission Himachal Pradesh aims to uplift rural women by empowering them through Self Help Groups. so Himachal Pradesh State Rural Livelihoods Mission has registered the ‘Him Ira’ brand and logo in the financial year 2019-20. All the self-help groups are now selling their products under this brand. Through this brand, good quality products were made available to people at low prices. The products manufactured by self-help groups from the Him Ira brand are gaining a distinct identity on a wider scale with the aims to uplift rural women by empowering them through Self Help Groups.

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